Product Testing Service

We have a flexible testing service that aim to meet your needs, please contact us to discuss or arrange a test. Not only do we provide a just only test service but we partner with you to design a new and improved solution based on your results.

Our test lab offers the following services and equipment:

  • Daily rental of test chambers
  • Daily rental of our test chambers with a dedicated engineer
  • Shock and Vibration daily rental with dedicated Test Engineer

We also have a custom built vibration test cell unit ready for a range of vibration test capabilities, capabilities not listed may be able to be accounted for at our test lab. Alongside vibration testing, we can offer expert training programmes on vibration testing, to help your internal engineers get to grips with testing vibration.

  • Climatic chambers
    • Perform sub zero temperatures to +150°C
    • 5°C/min Heat & Cool (based on IEC60068-3-5)
    • Humidity and thermal test
    • +/-0.5°C at steady state condition after stabilization
  • Shock and Vibration
    • Can include climatic for up to 20kg max mass load and 3°C/min Heat & Cool (based on IEC60068-3-5, with passive 20kg load)
  • Life Cycle Testing
    • We test the life cycle of a product according to its environment it needs to be fit for according to relevant ISO standards, for example if you want a 100 000 repeat operative cycle test over a condensed period of time (days/weeks). We can combine this life cycle testing with climatic testing.