071 portfolio collage

Working with cutting edge companies like Oxford Technologies, project managing the design, prototype and installation of a boom arm into the Fukushima Plant for the clean up process.

With Parker Hannifin working closely with customers in the design, prototype, test and validations of projects in the Rail industry, Medical Industry and automation.

Not only do we work with big companies such as Jaguar Landrover to project manage the design development and install of manipulators and assistors on the production lines. BUT, due to one of the directors history being a former founder of the British Aquaponics Association (BAQUA), we also work with small start up companies worldwide in diverse industries such as agriculture, where we have been hired to design a Farm in a Box scheme for the hydroponics industry.


We partner with you in this fun and exciting process of taking a product or project from concept to Install or commissioning.  We even go further to help you find a market for your idea and a manufacturer for your solution and even work with your already proven manufacturer.