Our 2 fields of technical expertise are:

Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

Design and Development in Engineering and Manufacturing for bespoke type of machinery, mechanismsand products.


We are developing our Electrical skill set to cover Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Technology. Where we offer design development install for projects in these sectors of electrics. Please enquire here to see where we can help.

Other Info

We have worked with with cutting edge companies, where we have project managed the design, development, prototype and installation of New to world (NPI) projects in various industries.

Our industries we have experience in are,

  • Rail
  • Consumer Products
  • Automation
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Nuclear

We work closely with start-ups, large and small companies, understand their clientele, partner with them, and take their product or service from concept to market place or installation place.

We test your product for the environment it requires, Please see our testing page.

We even go a step further to help develop your sales, marketing and social media for your product or service.

Founded by Mark van Rensburg, his background in design, project management and psychology of people makes him a well rounded great leader for the company that can partner with you to create a better outcome for you and your business.

For those who are wandering what F.I.G.J.A.M. stands for…

Fcuk I’m Good Just Ask Me

So here at Figjam we always offer our unique perspective on solutions, and of course our professional services to match how good we are!


Mark is super thorough, professional, detail oriented and pragmatic. A pleasure to work with, and recommended without reserve

Great attention to detail and customer service.